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Pipe Descaling

If your drainage is under-performing you may have a pipe scaling problem – a particularly prevalent problem in hard water areas like Hertfordshire and surrounding counties. At Royal Flush Drainage, we specialise in fast, effective pipe scaling, helping to prevent against blocked drains or potentially flooding.

Get your free pipe descaling quote!

Get your free pipe descaling quote!

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Descaling service for optimal performance

Over time, if not regularly cleaned and maintained, pipes will naturally ‘fur up’ or ‘scale up’. As a result the pipe interior loses efficiency and if left unresolved, can prevent waste from transferring through as it should. This problem exists in most drainage systems but some systems are particularly vulnerable, typically those in hard-water areas, or systems which have sunken slightly and still water is allowed to sit. Many commercial environments are extremely susceptible to the problem of scaling, such as pubs and restaurants due to Urine Scale. Urine scale can require lengthy removal treatments so regular maintenance is advised every 6 to 12 months.

If your drainage system is suffering from scale build up, Royal Flush Drainage provide cost effective descaling services that help restore the efficiency of your drains and prevent unwanted blockages. Our high-pressure jetting machines help to remove the majority of scale and our specially designed scaling equipment allows us to descale even the hardest to reach areas. Once completed, water will freely flow through the pipes again ensuring full efficiency of your drainage systems.

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At Royal Flush Drainage, we provide fast, effective, fixed-fee drain clearance solutions. Our high-pressure jetting equipment quickly clears even the most stubborn, hard to reach blockages. Our professional unblocking service will more often than not, clear blocked drains without the need for further, more disruptive procedures in your household.

If you are having trouble with slow draining water, blocked drains or emergency flooding due to a blockage, contact Royal Flush today. Our expert engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help unblock the most blocked of drains!

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“Such great service. My blockage was dealt with efficiently and cost effectively. Such a courteous team who even gave great advice on how to avoid future call outs. Highly recommend.”

Rebecca Calladine