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Drain Repair & Installation

At Royal Flush Drainage, we offer our clients the best in the professional drain repair and installation services at affordable prices. Specialising in both domestic and commercial drainage and soakaway systems, our experienced drainage engineers are available all year round to tackle any job, no matter how big or small.
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In order to repair a drain, both internal or external, a CCTV Drain Survey is often required in order to determine the exact extent and location of the problem. Our advanced CCTV Drain Surveys can investigate even the most hard to reach places, including underground pipework or systems enclosed by walls or flooring. Upon successful diagnosis of the drainage problem, Royal Flush Drainage offer a wide range of repair techniques designed to get your drainage back to work as quickly and as efficiently as possible, without the need for destructive excavating of pipes.
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When to contact us:

If you notice any of the following from your drains at home or in the work place, contact Royal Flush Drainage straight away for a fast, competitive, no obligation quotation;

• Still water collecting in basins
• Slow draining water from basins
• Unpleasant odours
• Leaks or wet patches, big or small
• Subsidence of any description
• Damp in unexpected areas such as ceilings, floors or walls
• Visible blockages or damage to pipes and drains

Drain Lining & Patching

Our comprehensive CCTV Drain Surveys help us identify potentially problematic fractures and cracks in your drainage system. Drain lining and patch lining helps repair and restore the drain walls without the need for us to dig, which can become costly and not to mention destructive.
As experts in Drain Lining, our techniques offer an affordable, cost effective way of repairing damaged drains. After cleaning the drain, the Drain Lining method involves inserting a specially designed liner into a horizontal or vertical drain or sewer. The liner is impregnated with a unique resin which bonds to the interior of the pipe when water or air is forced through at high pressure. The liner resin then cures/hardens to create an impenetrable wall inside the existing pipe work.
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Patch Lining works in a similar way, where by a resin based liner is bonded to the cracked or damaged area. This method however, involves using a pipe packer, or inflatable device to reach the affected area. The packed out liner is then left to bond with the pipe wall where the resin again hardens and repairs the damaged area.

Drain Lining and Patch Lining is an excellent way to repair drains without the costly need to dig up and replace existing drainage systems and pipework. This no-dig, trenchless solution retains its structural integrity for decades so provides a perfect long-term solution.

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As experienced drainage and plumbing engineers, Royal Flush Drainage are experts in installing new drainage systems and pipework. Whether you are placing an existing system, building an extension or creating an outdoor soakaway, Royal Flush Drainage provide full drainage installation services. Using only the best equipment and materials, our highly trained engineers are available all year round to install your new drainage system, both domestic and commercial.
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How we can help

At Royal Flush Drainage, we provide fast, effective, fixed-fee drain clearance solutions. Our high-pressure jetting equipment quickly clears even the most stubborn, hard to reach blockages. Our professional unblocking service will more often than not, clear blocked drains without the need for further, more disruptive procedures in your household.

If you are having trouble with slow draining water, blocked drains or emergency flooding due to a blockage, contact Royal Flush today. Our expert engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help unblock the most blocked of drains!

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“Very friendly and helpful. Sorted the problem but spent extra time to make sure no other problems would come or if the original problem was still there. I would definitely recommend them.”
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