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Determining the reason for a blocked drain can be difficult. Blockages can occur over a time through build-up of stubborn deposits such as grease or limescale, other blockages can be instant, if for example, an ‘unflushable’ object has made its way into the drainage system. Determining where the blockage has occurred can be even more difficult. Whilst it’s fairly easy to see the drain entrance (sink plug hole or toilet basin), it’s almost impossible to tell where the blockage exists within the pipework. That’s where Royal Flush Drainage CCTV Surveys can help!
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CCTV Drain Surveys

Advanced diagnosis for all drainage problems

Royal Flush Drainage provides CCTV drainage surveys using state-of-the-art equipment. CCTV Surveys allow us to investigate the otherwise impossible to see, pipework interior. As a result, blockages or damage within the pipework, even in the most hard to reach places, can be easily located allowing Royal Flush to determine the best course of action or repair for your drainage system.

CCTV Surveys can be used not only as a solution to blocked drains but also as a preventative measure. In some commercial settings where waste is abundant and continuity of service is vital, CCTV Surveys are ideal for drainage maintenance, by identifying potential blockages early on, before they become full and potentially disastrous blockages.

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CCTV Surveys are also a useful measure when purchasing a new home. Most house surveys will not include CCTV Drain surveys. In the event of a burst pipe, blocked drain or damaging flood, many household insurers could refuse cover and compensation if there’s grounds to believe the drainage system has not been properly maintained. A CCTV drain survey can help you to avoid this stressful, costly kind of situation.

If you feel your drainage system is not working efficiently or have concerns that there may be damage to hard to reach pipework, call Royal Flush Drainage today and arrange a fixed fee CCTV Drainage Survey.

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How we can help

At Royal Flush Drainage, we provide fast, effective, fixed-fee drain clearance solutions. Our high-pressure jetting equipment quickly clears even the most stubborn, hard to reach blockages. Our professional unblocking service will more often than not, clear blocked drains without the need for further, more disruptive procedures in your household.

If you are having trouble with slow draining water, blocked drains or emergency flooding due to a blockage, contact Royal Flush today. Our expert engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help unblock the most blocked of drains!

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“Such brilliant, professional service! Martin went above and beyond to unblock our drain and also diagnose the problem using his camera technology. Couldn’t have asked for more!”
Jenny Rogers