Have you noticed a persistent drain blockage but can’t quite get to the source? When you need to see and diagnose issues in hard-to-reach places, CCTV drainage is an efficient and accurate way of surveying drainage pipes, sewers, and underground tanks. Whether it’s a drain pipe repair job or emergency drain clearance, Royal Flush has experienced technicians to help solve your drainage issues.

How does a CCTV drainage survey work?

When trying to identify a plumbing concern that can’t be seen through conventional inspection, using a small high-resolution camera is the best option. By attaching the camera to a flexible rod, it can be inserted through even very small access points — such as sink pipework — and remotely controlled. This method removes the guesswork, resulting in accurate identification and reliable drain unblocking.

What happens during a CCTV drainage survey?

During a CCTV drainage survey, the camera provides a real-time video feed to a technician who monitors the footage from a mobile unit above ground. The technician is able to assess the condition of the pipes. They can easily identify any blockages, cracks, or damage, and determine the severity of any issues.

A handy benefit of CCTV drainage is the fact the technician can save the footage and review it later. As a result, they can carry out a more detailed analysis of the drainage system’s condition. This information is invaluable for maintenance and repair work. It enables technicians to identify problem areas, and ensure repair work is done right the first time — and that the unblocking lasts longer.

What equipment is needed?

On top of the specialised camera set-up used to navigate pipes and drainage systems, a mobile unit for seeing and processing the footage is also present. This allows the technician to adjust key settings such as light levels. It also means they can control the route of the camera and process the video in real-time.

This unique setup allows for further in-depth analysis to make sure blockages have been fully cleared. It also helps the technician to provide a report of the completed work while still on-site.

What are the benefits of using CCTV drainage technology?

At Royal Flush Drainage, we utilise the technology and expertise at our disposal to ensure you get the best service through the following benefits:

Quicker identification of problems

With CCTV technology, technicians can quickly identify problem areas and see how severe the issues are.

Greater accuracy

CCTV surveys also provide a more accurate assessment of the condition of drainage systems. Technicians are able to see the inside of the pipes and sewers in detail — something that isn’t always possible to do in person.

Cost-effective solutions

CCTV drainage surveys are a cost-effective way to assess the condition of drainage systems, as they require less time and labour than traditional inspection methods.

Longer-lasting repairs

It stands to reason that when the aim is to get things right the first time, so whether it’s a blocked shower drain or drain pipe repair, we aim to make the solution last a long time. CCTV helps us do that by giving insight into the depths of hard-to-reach areas,

Compact size and versatility

With CCTV drainage technology, we don’t need a vast amount of space. This means we can use it to unblock drains in small gardens and enclosed spaces.

Drain clearance and unblocking services from Royal Flush Drainage.

At Royal Flush, our team of experienced technicians use the latest technology and equipment to provide fast and efficient solutions to all your drainage problems. Whether you need a CCTV survey to assess the condition of your drainage system or require emergency drain clearance and unblocking services, we are here to help. We also offer gutter cleaning and repair. So feel free to contact us today to find out how we can help.